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Dear Syd the Kyd and Matt Martin, aka The Internet

Dear Syd the Kyd and Matt Martin, aka The Internet,

Kudos on your vocals here — I was pleasantly surprised — and congrats on your new project. This song sort of sounds like Rhian Benson remixed by Pharell, in a good way. The tune is catchy and would actually be a whole lot better without Tyler spitting his four scary-drug-voice bars, and it could also do with a baseline. But the video…?? Aside from the annoying OFWGKTA attitude at the end that has you throwing this poor girl out of the truck for being unresponsive, have any of you actually tried cocaine? I know it’s the song’s title but, why the blurry vision, and hallucinations in slow motion? This is not the cocaine I know.

It looked as though perhaps you chased your line of cocaine with ecstasy. Cool. What would really be cool is some interesting and new concepts. Away from and OF style (ie. drug rapping, raping, hating women, doing it) and on to the next.

The Internet, Cocaine.

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