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Dear Justin Bieber

Dear Justin Bieber,

I think you spit hot fire…well, you need to dig for more original lyrics, and limit the amount of lines you bite or “pay homage to” from the very song you’re rhyming over. But you’re only 17 and you definitely have some swag (sorry, I promise I won’t use that word too often, “swag”).

When you first popped up on the pre-teen RnB pop sensation radar, I appreciated that you seemed to really love music and truly respected, or were coached well enough to show respect for, the likes of MJ and Stevie Wonder…not only referencing them by name but dropping album titles and b-sides.

The ladies love you. You’re definitely “on your cool-J.” You’ve even collaborated with Chris Brown and will be collaborating with Tyler the Creator on an upcoming album (ha). This interview on Power 106, “where Hip Hop lives,” confirms for me your future in the music industry that will no doubt end in some mogul-type-ish √° la Shawn Carter.

Just before you were signed, at the age of 14 in 2008, Usher and Justin Timberlake were fighting, bare-knuckle brawling, for you. They both wanted to work with you exclusively. And what a compliment: two highly established and idolized pop stars in their own right. Don’t be surprised if Round 2, of the ongoing creative control boxing match in your life, shapes up to Lil Wayne v Jay Z. Or maybe they’ll send in substitutes: Drake v Kanye. Whatever the match-up, GO CANADA!!

Justin Bieber, Rhyming over “Otis” (watch original with Jay-Z and Kanye¬†here.)

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