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Dear Azelia Banks’ Video

Dear Azelia Banks,

I just wrote you but I’ve since seen your video for 212.  I love you even more.  I love your cut-offs and close-up-mouth-shots — I find myself staring at your teeth and the sparkling powder on your cheeks.  More importantly, can I join in on your brick-wall-caravan!?  It looks like fun.  Also, I’d like to talk to the guy in the Oliver Peoples, who I can only assume is the producer, playing in cool with his “yeah, this is me” face.

Who needs wardrobe changes, hair, and make-up when you have mickey mouse, and a nineteen year old rapper/singer from Harlem who looks like she’s having as much making the video as I’m having watching it.

nb. maybe a little less visual enunciation next time around.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE –> Azelia Banks, 212 Video

^^^Links to this video are being taken down fast so, watch it while you can.

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Dear Azelia Banks

Dear Azelia Banks,

You’re awesome. You sound like Santi (gold, that is) mixed with some Kid Sister á la Atrak days, RyeRye and Trina (House remix 2.0). I also like your use of the word “cunt.” Mostly because people will be either offended or thankful for your feminist holleration!

Well, I’m no feminist so, maybe that’s a bit inaccurate. But, I do know that the stigma of the “c” word can only be given new meaning by a woman. So, use it good! I want to be able to rap along with a song that uses the word “cunt,” just like I want to be able to rap along with Tyler in his song French (see video after the jump). Even if he is proposing to violently rape a c-word. No Ohh Dear readers, I do not condone or advocate any sort of violence against women or derogatory comments. But (big BUT) I am an advocate for artistic freedom of expression and music that sounds good. Does aural pleasure usurp sexist lyrics? I think (at least today) that it does. (You’re welcome Akinyle “Put It In Your Mouth,” Luke (see entire catalogue), Necro (see entire catalogue), NWA “A Bitch is a Bitch,” Ice Cube “It’s A Man’s World” fans. I could go on but, you get the point.)

“I guess that cunt gettin’ eatin’!”

Shouts to Brandi A.

CHECK OUT THE SONG HERE –>  Azelia Banks, 212


Tyler, French

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