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Dear Jay-Z and Kanye

Dear Jay-Z and Kanye,

The nation has beed geared up to watch you reign since the launch of your tour on October 28 in Atlanta. And New York City is excited about the two concert dates at Madison Square Garden, tonight (Noveber 7) and tomorrow night (November 8), which were added to the tour later in the game. Well, those who can afford the tickets that range between $150 and $10,000 USD (!!!) are excited. It costs over $9000 for a floor ticket via the Madison Square Garden ticket site, and you are obliged to purchase at least TWO tickets at a time. ┬áSo, for those who might like a night out with a friend or significant other, I’m sure they will have a great night. Or, they can get a mortgage for their first home.

In Paris, plotting to take my money.

The tour has been getting good reviews (see Rolling Stone, XXL Mag,, but I’ll probably have to watch you both, on your throne, from some concert-goer’s phone recording. I know that as performers you have both surpassed the normal hip hop party price (ie. $10 in advance, $20 at the door), but I feel like purchasing a ticket for this tour would only prompt Kanye to laugh in my face while taking my money to purchase a woman’s Chinchilla shawl and wear it over an emerald silk jumpsuit. And then I’ll want to go out and buy the very same outfit – I don’t have enough money to do both. But, break a leg!

He told me so!

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