Dear Jai Paul

Dear Jai Paul,

I’ve been reluctant to attempt to produce a “best of” list for 2011, but whenever I do think about it, you’re right up there with….well, no one else. If anyone were to disagree with my dubbing your BTSTU single “Best song of 2011,” I would encourage them to remember their reaction to the first time they heard your single. For me, it was nothing like its contemporaries. It was a “new” sound. Spreading across the BBC and becoming viral for those who could find it. Sure, you made the single in 2007, and it was released worldwide in 2010, but it didn’t really “matter” ’til 2011, right? But when it was understood that it mattered, it was on!

Back then, it was a new sound — today, it’s so “Now.” You did it first. Who could compete with BTSTU when it was released? Nobody. You’ll never make a single that can top or even match the level of success that this song brought you, which is a shame, but you can now be proud that Ohh-Dear sites you as “The Best Single of 2011.” It’s an easy choice and easier than making a list of ten or one hundred.

It was nice knowing you. Thanks for your one song. You can always make money as a Sean Paul impersonator.

Sean Paul's brotha from another mutha.

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