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Dear Azelia Banks

Dear Azelia Banks,

You’re awesome. You sound like Santi (gold, that is) mixed with some Kid Sister á la Atrak days, RyeRye and Trina (House remix 2.0). I also like your use of the word “cunt.” Mostly because people will be either offended or thankful for your feminist holleration!

Well, I’m no feminist so, maybe that’s a bit inaccurate. But, I do know that the stigma of the “c” word can only be given new meaning by a woman. So, use it good! I want to be able to rap along with a song that uses the word “cunt,” just like I want to be able to rap along with Tyler in his song French (see video after the jump). Even if he is proposing to violently rape a c-word. No Ohh Dear readers, I do not condone or advocate any sort of violence against women or derogatory comments. But (big BUT) I am an advocate for artistic freedom of expression and music that sounds good. Does aural pleasure usurp sexist lyrics? I think (at least today) that it does. (You’re welcome Akinyle “Put It In Your Mouth,” Luke (see entire catalogue), Necro (see entire catalogue), NWA “A Bitch is a Bitch,” Ice Cube “It’s A Man’s World” fans. I could go on but, you get the point.)

“I guess that cunt gettin’ eatin’!”

Shouts to Brandi A.

CHECK OUT THE SONG HERE –>  Azelia Banks, 212


Tyler, French

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Dear Drake

Dear Drake,

Are you sponsored by Nike now?! Why the gloves? Is that so you don’t leave finger prints when you “catch a body” ?
Your new video is beautifully shot and edited, seriously!! But your hooded-sunglasses-wearing-posse? Who are those guys? And why does everyone at your dinner table need to smoke an extra long El Presidente cigar while looking surprised that they know not to inhale? And a tire-spinning-motorcycle-shot…really??

I still like the song, though – in case you were worried.

Drake, Headlines

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